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St. Catharines Ontario Tax Lawyer - Our firm specializes in the handling the various tax disputes matters and has significant skill in tax litigation. Many corporations require our assistance to help them negotiate with tax authorities. We normally represent them before the courts on tax appeals.

Our firm is plenty knowledgeable and experienced in income, capital, mining and commodity trade cases and taxation. We use all of our resources that we have available to help guarantee that our client is prepared and ready to handle audits, information requests, voluntary disclosures and reassessment proposals. Our tax solicitors often request our tax litigators early on to advise our clients regarding the tax aspects of a transaction. Should a reassessment be inevitable, we try to solve the dispute using administrative appeals. If this method does not obtain positive outcome, we attempt to simplify the circumstances previous to starting the litigation process. Our main objective is to be able to help our clients come to a resolution efficiently and quickly.

Among our recent cases have consisted of transfer pricing, interpretative questions and tax avoidance. These questions comprise scientific research and experimental development expenses, foreign exchange, taxable benefits, and commodity and payroll taxes.

Our base of clients consist of numerous foreign and domestic businesses, comprising partnerships and public institutions, tax-exempt companies, in addition to other businesses within the fields of telecommunications, financials, utilities and pharmaceuticals. We guarantee that a close working relationship is maintained on both an international and domestic level with chief financial officers, accountants, tax advisors, and tax executives.

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St. Catharines City is located in Ontario's southeast, and is the biggest city in the Niagara Region. The city of St. Catharines has earned its nickname as "The Garden City," owing to is more than one thousand acres of meticulously groomed gardens, parks and trails. The first settlers of St. Catharines city during 1780 were Loyalists: Sergeant Jacob Dittrick, who came to Dick's Creek area and Private John Hainer of Butler's Rangers. The name was taken from Richard Pierpoint, another Loyalist who had a nickname of Captain Dick and settled close to the creek.

Every year, various exhibitions are held at Rodman Hall. Featured here are the many works of international, local and national artists with several permanent works out of the approximately 850 outdoor installations, sculptures, photographs, and paintings...